heijihattoris asked:

Haha, happy birthday! I'm just gonna say, you scared me a minute ago because it's not the 29th yet here and I thought I missed Saguru's birthday -.-; But I hope you have a great birthday!

Awww >v< Thank you so much! In  fact, it’s 29th in morocco so xD Hahaha!♥ Thank you so much!~

katmissesthe40s asked:

Thank you for following me! Who is your favorite Detective Conan character?

Hi there! You’re welcome!♥ Well, I do have a lot of favorites characters xD I think Ran, Shinichi/Conan, Kogoro, Eri, Kazuha and Heiji, Kaito Kid (Well, Kaito and Aoko), Takagi, Sonoko. hahaha xD What about you?

 felt like drawing Endou lol!  He’s kinda cute and beafore goin’ to bed I did a little sketch of Ran, I think she’s a wonderful , brave and kind girl (better take care of her Shinichi) By the way, I really like seeing how he gets jealous when she’s talking with another guy! I watched the drama (that has nothin’ to do with my previous statement) and I would love to see it in anime or reading it in manga! The third drawing, well, I drew one of my best friend irl , her name is Salma and she’s super cool!♥ Well, if anyone have anythin’ to say to me, questions, request, chat just ask, the inbox is always open for this! Well, guess I gotta go! Good night (02:05 am) BIG HUGS And, thank you like always for supporting me (notes, followers..), it really makes me happy!♥ 

conan-dragneel asked:

do you do some fairy tail art ? By the away you're art is magnifique :D

Since I know the manga I can yes^^, just tell me!(my cousin is a huge fan so whenever I’m with her I hear Gray or Jubia from morning to evening xD) OMG!! >////< THANK YOU!!  It’s so sweet!!♥ >v< You don’t know how much that made me happy!!♥